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Canadian Cricket Farm

P&A cricket farm is a local Ontarion farm that is willing to go the extra mile to provide futuristic food source for pet feed industry and for human consumption. We are proud to be one of the largest and most condensed cricket farms in North America in terms of production capacity. 

Our main goal is to provide a modern side to cricket farming and produce a better quality and more nutritious food alternative for pets, fish, chickens, and other animals while taking care of our planet! 

Why Crickets?

Environmental Friendly 

Crickets have proven to have a very low impact on our planet. They produce only 1% of greenhouse gasses that cows produce. They also only take 0.6% of the space required to produce 1kg of product compared to the same quantity from cows. 

Great Fertilizer

Frass or cricket manure is a great source to be used for helping grow plants as a fertilizer. It naturally promotes growth and increases pest resistance.


Crickets contains great balance of essential and non-essential amino acids. Their protein value is about 69% which is equal to 2X more protein than beef. Let’s not forget to mention that they also have 4X more iron than spinach and a great source for vitamin B12, potassium, and phosphorus.

Pet Food and Animal Feed

Crickets nutrition level makes it a perfect alternative to meat in pet food and pet treat formulations. They are also a great replacement for fishmeal due to their essential amino aacids and unhealthy unsaturrated fats. 

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